Love Art Nails salon rules & regulations

Booking Policy

Please ensure that you have read and full understood 

  • This booking policy Love Art Nails Salon tells about regulations specify the rules for performing services in the Longford Ballymahon St. 6 Love Art Nails Salon.
  • The customer is required to read the regulations. Entering the procedure is tantamount to accepting the regulations.
  • Each treatment is priced according to the price list
  • Payment is only possible in cash
  • The salon reserves the right to change the regulations – they will be announced
  • The client of the salon can be an adult. It is allowed to undergo surgery by a minor only with the consent of the legal guardian.
  • The customer himself is fully and unlimitedly liable for any damage caused to the salon by the client


  • The appointment can be arranged by phone 089 4549382, via the website or FB On this time isn’t possible to arranged in person in the salon
  • The lounge is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, on Saturdays from 9.30am to 5.30pm. It is possible to register outside designated hours in exceptional situations. 
  • A fee of 50% of the treatment price may then be added.
  • When making an appointment, please inform about French manicure, ombre or designs like painting styling in order to reserve time for the service. In the absence of this information, when its implementation could cause a delay to the next client – decoration will not be performed
  • Being late over 5 minutes may result in refusal to perform the procedure, performance of the service with shortening or skipping some stages. Despite the reduced working time – the price for the service will not be reduced.
  • A non-returnable deposit can be collected from each new customer entering the salon in the amount of 50% of the price of the service. Regular customers are booked for a visit without a deposit. A regular customer is the one who has visited the salon for over 6 months.
  • Deposit is 50% of the amount of treatment will be charged at the time of booking to secure the meeting.
  • The deposit will be fully refundable in relation to the cost of the treatment.
  • Please note that deposits are not refundable.
  • Deposits can be paid via bank transfer. Cash in the salon now isn’t possible.
  • Services are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid. In the event of a delay in paying the deposit, the meeting date may be assigned to someone else. The reservation will not be made without an advance payment


  •  Meetings can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours ahead of schedule.
  •  Reporting less than 24 hours in advance will result in a 50% fee being charged.
  •  Absence from the meeting without notice will be charged 80% of the amount of the service (the fee will be charged at the next booking) and obliged to pay the advance payment when making the next visit.
  • The person performing the service has the appropriate qualifications
  • The person performing the treatment ultimately decides in consultation with the client about the matching of the method and technique of work. He may also refuse to perform the services in justified cases, such as in the case of poor condition and diseases of the nails and toenails or other conditions that preclude safe and proper performance of the service.
  • The salon is not responsible for customer dissatisfaction with the final result if the procedure was performed professionally, in accordance with prevailing standards. If you have had treatment that you are dissatisfied with, immediately contact Maggie directly. Any complaints or comments about your treatments should be directed first before leaving the salon so that you can resolved at that time. I listen carefully to your concerns and do my best to resolve any issues.
  • The main goal of the Love Art Nails Salon is customer satisfaction with our services. 
  • However, I realize that sometimes something may go wrong. If this happens, I will try to fix this problem as soon as possible.
  •  The services received are not refundable, but if you are not satisfied with the work done, we require notification within 48 hours and we will ask you to return to the salon so that the nails can be checked visually. During this time, we will do our best to resolve any problems to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • No refunds are given for gift card orders
  • Love Art Nails alon adheres to the principles of occupational health and safety, in particular disinfection of the workplace, work with disposable tools and protective materials as well as sterilized tools.
  • Please inform me about any health problems concerning your hands, nails or feet before performing the procedure. This may affect the performance of the service.
  • The salon can publish photos  made with the consent of the client taken before the stylization and after the service made.

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