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Japanese Manicure
+ little hand massage

A Japanese manicure is a unique eastern procedure which allows the most weakened and damaged nails to be restored completely. After several sessions of the Japanese manicure, nails become firm, elastic, and smooth, and acquire a healthy pink shade and  natural shine. Paraffin Wax Treatments (peeling, moisturizing, paraffin bath

Paraffin Wax Treatments
peeling, moisturizing, paraffin bath

Paraffin wax is a luxury spa treatment that moisturises and softens the skin. The wax is intended to completely cover the hand. Its warm temperature is meant to provide relief from arthritis pain, sore joints or sore muscles.

Revital Fiber Base -Gel Polish
3-4 weeks polish

Revital Base Fiber is a strengthening base with the nylon fibers, vitamin E and calcium contained in the base form a protective shield on the plate, which  protects them against breaking and  gives exceptional durability and resistance to styling! This base will work even for a fragile and brittle nail plate. 

Titanium Manicure
dipping system – SNS, LART and other high quality products

Titanium manicure is your best option if you want to have strong, healthy and well-groomed nails. Being a non-invasive makes titanium manicure. We don’t use any UV/LED lamp.The products used for titanium manicure contain calcium as well as the following vitamins: A, D, E. It’s beautiful, durable and on top of that, it nourishes the fingernails.

Polygel/Acrygel Manicure
(dual system) Combo Manicure

PolyGel is a breakthrough nail enhancement. The enhancement formula delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails. Once applied, PolyGel is astonishingly light and stronger than hard gels. The applications is Pain Free and much more flexible than acrylics

Fiberglass Manicure

This is an exclusive service for  women who appreciate classics. Fiberglass nails, also known as silk wraps is aimed mainly at people with thin, brittle and splitting nails, everyday bitten-nails, all-out chip or crack. For people that require  repair of natural nails, Only Fiberglass manicure can to use for the repair of children’s  and men’s nails. This method can be to used for the nail’s reconstruction.


Classical Manicure & moisturizing +little hand massage

You will have your nails cut, shaped, cuticle work and moisturised, with polish of your choice. Complete treatment for your hands. € 20

Japanese Manicure

 + little hand massage   € 24

Paraffin Wax Treatments

peeling, moisturizing, paraffin bath  € 22

Classical Little Manicure & Paraffin Wax Treatments 

Classical manicure with polish, peeling, moisturizing, paraffin bath  € 35

Special Manicure

Gel Polish + Combo Manicure  

2 weeks polish € 26    

Gel Polish with Revital Fiber Base + Combo Manicure

3-4 weeks polish
Full set                        € 29
Extension (1-5mm)    € 36
+ ombre, french         € 3

Gel Manicure

Polygel / Acrylygel Manicure   + Combo Manicure

Full set/on natural nails  € 35
Full set with Extension     € 42
Refill (extension) in 2nd-4th weeks after manicure from  € 36
Refills in 5th week or more weeks  –  Remove & NEW FULL SET
+ ombre, french +             € 3

Construction French, Fantasy French  € 48

Titanium Manicure- dipping system SNS, LART

 and other high quality products + Combo Manicure

Full set / on natural nails € 41
Full set with Extension     € 46
+ ombre, french                 € 3

Fiberglass Manicure

Full set / on natural nails € 35
Refills  in 2nd-4th weeks after manicure € 30

Refills in 5th week or more weeks – Remove & NEW FULL SET
Full set with Extension – little 2-3mm € 38
+ ombre, french         € 3


*simple decoration, stamps, stickers,Foil, mirror effect
1-2 nails included
3 and more nails from € 5-10

(flowers, Disney, cartoon characters, landscapes, 3D nail art, etc.)
When you making an appointment please let me know if a design will be made.
Some of them take up to 30 minutes of work longer 🙂



of BITTEN nails, a torn nail plate…

Gel, Polygel, Fiberglass       € 45
Titanium                                € 49

Removal all manicures    € 10-15

Repair (1 nail)          from  € 3


Mini Pedicure + little massage

toenails and cuticle work, fil, paint,     € 26
Gel Polish toenails + €5

Special Pedicure + little massage

is designed especially for clients with a lot of hard skin – incl hard skin acid/no acid  removal, scrub, toenails and cuticle work, moisturise, file and paint   € 41
Gel Polish toenails + €5

Standard Pedicure + Paraffin Wax Treatment

Toenails and cuticle work, scrub, moisturise, file and paraffin bath     € 41
Gel Polish toenails + €5

Prices for New Set or refill incl. One colour full cover. Choose from over 450 gel polish colours and over 330 titanium powder! New set with extension- with tips or forms.

Standard salon shape for Gel, Polygel Manicures is almond, round, squoval, oval, coffin. New salon shape with extension in our salon: salon square, salon coffin, salon, almond, salon russian almond, gothic almond…

Some shape with extension can not be a refilled at all or just one because the static and stability would not be given any more. So there needs to be done a new set!



from €20

Rerpair 1 nail

from €3

Fiberglass Manicure

from €35


from €26

Paraffin Wax Treatments


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